15 April 2011

So the Art Crawl is a mere two weeks away. Yikes. The poster competition didn't have any effect as I was informed my images were blurry. I'm going to reshoot over the Summer and try again for the Fall. I was mad about this for a while, but whatever.

I've been looking over my inventory and I am in serious need of some ring making action. That looks to be the goal for next week. I have a wax carved up for a sculptural ring - which may or may not get stones in it. As of now it's too heavy, so this weekend I will hollow out the wax. Silver is up around $40/ounce, so that's making things fun. I have some plans for earrings as well. I discovered the pod earring shells I had made WAY back, while trying to find something completely different. That was an exciting find. I also bought some really fun faceted star-shape briolette rutilated quartz - earrings will happen.

I need to put a moratorium on necklace making. I have a few bead/chain necklaces finished and I really like the look of them. Lighter-looking than the all-bead pieces I've done, granted with the addition of silver chain it puts them in a different (higher) price point. I'm finding it's a great way to use some of my larger and more expensive beads in order to showcase them. These large rectangular dyed sardonyx are a good example - they're WAY too big and heavy to use a bunch of them.
And a closer look:
Tomorrow afternoon is fun time, so perhaps in the morning I'll crack down and get some pieces going and/or finished. Sunday is already designated work-time. The weather doesn't look like it's going to be much of a distraction, it just started snowing. Awesome. At least I won't miss out on a nice sunny warm day!

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