19 March 2010

Six Months Later...

The two pendants I was working on last September both had catastrophes occur in the later stages, they will be reworked soon.

Lots has happened for me in the last six months though...which has also led to zero jewelry-making. Not proud of it, but I guess that will happen from time to time. The biggest thing being my move out and on my own. It's been a great transition and I was ready...parents were ready...and I love the new space. The studio is moving as well, which is not helping productivity but I hope to have it back up and functional by this Summer! I also just adopted two fantastic young cats (8 months old) who are becoming the *real* rulers of this home.

The job at the store has been steady, since the economy is slightly less scary for some people. I'm glad this turned around, because I tried a couple of side jobs that were not entirely ideal - although working at Lush was pretty close to best-second-job-ever. I hope to get productive and be able to sell my own designs in order to supplement income rather than work a second job that is less fulfilling.

So for now, until I have the studio back up and running, I will focus on having fun with my new furry companions and attempting to draw up new ideas. With their "help", I'm sure.