10 October 2010

Fall 2010 Art Crawl

Well, it's over. Three long days of sitting and interacting with the public. I had a really good time and some great conversations with people. Many compliments on my work - which is always awesome. It's always a good time to talk with the people who come out to see all of the art, I truly appreciate the conversations.

Thanks to the conversations: I am even more interested in visiting enamel work again, know about a bead show that is coming up (those are always a good time!), and am gaining more confidence in myself as an artist. Participating in this event is definitely about more than just selling art, it's about being out there and growing through interaction.

I think my kitties are quite happy to have me home after the long days stuck home alone, every evening they've had extra energy and headbutts for me. I'm looking forward to a quiet Monday to recharge.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Crawl!