17 March 2009

Bayonet Ball #2

I just finished the bayonet ball in sterling. Also discovered that it will hold one Excedrin Migraine or two Advil. I'll take it to work with me and give it one final polish to really get a nice mirror finish.

I toyed around with a brushed finish first, but it just didn't look quite right. My bayonet skills are still a bit rusty, but I think if I make a few of these that won't be an issue for long.

Today I also carved a "normal" sized bird ring. I plan on casting both that and the "normal" sized v-channel ring this week. If I didn't have skinny fingers I would have been able to just make molds off of the rings I already made. I think the rest of the day is going to be working on a bunch of beadwork to try and get that out of the way.

03 March 2009

In the middle of working on some data entry for an art related non-profit organization, I checked out some people's websites. I started at the Grand Hand Gallery - which has some interesting pieces, and I ended up at the website of Heinz Brummel. I just had to share that link, because it's some very cool work. I might have to go to the Grand Hand and see it in person, it just looks so amazing.

I think having a solo studio is a bit of a drawback these days, I miss the co-inspiration of having plenty of creative individuals in the same space. Exposure to other artists and their work really is beneficial to every artist's creative evolution. I get more excited about making things, when I see that other people are out there already practicing their craft.

02 March 2009

Turns out, I *can* indeed make a bayonet ball - It's about 3/4" in diameter. Next step is figuring a way to make it a pendant, which I think I may have figured out already. The cats think it's a toy, so if it doesn't work as a piece of jewelry, then I guess I have a fancy shiny cat toy.

And that is what I did with my Sunday. Was good to get some practice in with the acetylene-air torch, made a much more even solder joint for the interior band.