13 January 2011

Firing up the engines again

I've been so up and down with creative energy, but in an effort to get it back in gear I entered the poster competition for the Art Crawl. This has caused a mix of excitement and "oh crap, what have I done?" Dumb, I know, but the latter should help get me jumpstarted on making things again. In the event that it gets any of the awards - poster, or one of the postcard images - it means my work will be out on the printed media for the Crawl. Even if I don't get any of the awards it's good to be drawing and coming up with things again. Thanks to Natalie for giving me a kick in the butt to update this blog, too.

I still will do the series of containers, though I'm not going to set my goals so high that I feel like a failure. I feel that's been my problem since leaving college - I come up with overly elaborate plans that won't ever happen in the timeframe I want.

I plan on doing some quick and easy (relatively) station necklace variations with gemstone beads and sterling. Possibly will involve a little stone setting on some. Right now these are just in the drawing phase.

I'd like to come up with a few more rings, I rarely see rings that I like out in the world...so clearly that means I should make some that I like. Other people might like them, too.

I also have a plan for some little labradorite smooth briolette beads. A limited edition of necklace/earring sets is in their future. I think each will be unique within the editions, but similar. I'm still not too keen on making a bunch of identical things.

Looking ahead to Summer, the garage is getting sheetrocked and an outlet will be rewired for a KILN. YES! Well, after I actually purchase one (the hard part is done, I have the money sitting in the bank). It is happening, this year, for real.