17 April 2011


I did a mock set-up of my table for the Art Crawl. I don't know why I never thought to do this before; it's a great way to figure out what else I need. I now have a to do list for tomorrow/next weekend!

* Pod earrings (3 pair)
* Rutilated star earrings (at least one pair)
* Hollow out ring wax
* Cast above wax, and another to be carved
* Clean up existing inventory

Totally doable. Also going to find some earring displays tomorrow - or make my own. It'll look better than having them sit flat on a table.

I made up a little pouch for my mom's earrings she got for Christmas. It gave me the idea to sew up pouches like it (after this Crawl) to replace the blah cotton-filled boxes I presently have. Mom - granted she's biased - thought it was a very nice and fancy pouch. I'm excited about all these ideas I have that will soon happen.

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