07 September 2009

The marriage of metals pendant is going well. I cleaned up the gross solder and uneven tops tonight, so now they look presentable. There is still more sanding to do, but I will likely wait to do that until right before I attach the crown - which I still have to build.

The black stone is faceted onyx, but you wouldn't know that from these photos.

Here's the drawing I worked from to cut out the pieces of nickel and sterling silver. Graph paper makes everything easier, as do protractors, compasses and rulers. So glad I paid attention in geometry.

Both parts are backed with sterling, so that when worn the nickel pieces won't have contact with the skin. Though I'm thinking the wings won't be flat, instead I'll solder them at slight angles. Either way, it makes the back look better, and strengthens the whole piece.

Tomorrow: make the crown for the Rhodolite Garnet!