27 April 2011

I'm dragging my feet on the pod earrings, really all that's left is cleaning them up and hooking on the earring findings. This is dumb, now that I read that I'm going to just finish those today. Yes.

One of the waxes for rings isn't exactly what I want it to be, so it's on hold until post-Crawl. Star earrings are on hold as well - because I need to get a bead reamer. Silly not well-drilled holes...

The second wax, which went together incredibly fast is now holding two bezels and is ready to get the solder cleaned up. It seems likely that I'd do more of this style ring - but carve and assemble each one individually so they're not identical. It's a nice simple but substantial design - I'll get photos of it when it's finished. I plan on making one for myself, too. This one is too large and falls of every finger that isn't an index finger.

I took this Wednesday off from work, so I could work on my own stuff. Tomorrow I head back to repairs and will do final polishes on these new pieces. I finished/cleaned up some stuff that I had half-finished. That was an awesome idea. I will have more than two new metal pieces to show this time around thanks to finding those.

For anyone in the area who reads this, the Crawl is this Friday through Sunday in Lowertown Saint Paul. I'm showing in Lowertown Commons right near my mom and her paintings/prints/cards. For more information on the event - like hours, parking, and all participating buildings - you can go to http://www.artcrawl.org It's a fun way to spend part of a weekend, checking out local artists and in some cases getting to see their studio spaces!

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