28 February 2009

Silver Linings

So, it turns out that the economy has caused my job to drop to two days a week instead of four. Not the best situation, although in a way it's beneficial. I now have five days a week to work on my own stuff, which is great because I only have 7 weeks until I have to show.

I visited family in New Mexico and went to an awesome bead store called Western Traders. There were insanely beautiful gemstone beads that I could not afford, but I did get some nice stone beads to work into designs. The show I'm in tends to have a lower pricepoint for things that sell, so I figure it can't hurt to put together some sharp beaded necklaces and earrings for the $30 and under crowd. They'll go up on Etsy if they don't go at the show.

I don't have any new photos of stuff yet, although I'm working on a copper mock-up of a pendant. It's going to be a sphere that opens, and locks with a bayonet. Possibly will have some stones on it. I drew up this insane idea in the wee hours of the morning a couple weeks ago, and now I've got it in my head that I need to make it just to prove I can. Should be interesting. I've missed the engineering end of design, work doesn't provoke that part of my brain very much. Hopefully I will have some photos of the copper/brass piece within the next few days. The first few steps have gone relatively quickly...maybe it'll be a continuing trend. I like how copper is completely unintimidating, so I am free to experiment and figure out this design without spending a fortune.